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Night guards are appliances worn for several reasons including chronic headaches, clenching, grinding, cracked teeth and TMJ disorder.

Nearly everyone suffers from some sort of jaw pain at some time in their lives. Pain may be continuous or occasional, severe or mild, sharp and shooting or an aching throb. It can be very specific or extremely vague. Regardless of the specific symptoms, it usually has the singular purpose of notifying you that something is not quite right.

Children often grind their baby teeth, but following the eruption of their permanent teeth this grinding usually stops. Some adults clench or grind their teeth, and this is often stress-related, increasing in times of greater stress and decreasing again as the stress eases.

Your dentist might discuss your medical and social history, and may carry out some tests to help identify if a night-guard is recommended.

Symptoms of clenching/grinding include:

  1. Pain across multiple teeth.
  2. Headaches.
  3. Earaches.
  4. Sensitive teeth.
  5. Cracked, broken and worn down teeth.

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