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Composite Bonding is an increasingly popular, non-invasive, cosmetic procedure that can help transform your smile, usually completed in just one visit.

White, tooth-coloured filling material (composite resin) is used to fill, repair, reshape or enhance your teeth.

There are various reasons people choose this type of treatment, including repairing chipped/worn teeth, closing spaces between teeth and masking discoloured teeth.

This procedure is often minimally invasive so anaesthetic is not always required.

The edges of the tooth are slightly bevelled to maximise how well the filling material will bond (stick) to the tooth, as well as helping blend the colour of the tooth and filling together. The tooth surface is treated with an acid gel, and a bonding agent, before the actual filling material is placed on the tooth. A special blue light then sets the composite hard.

Once the filling material has been applied it is then shaped and polished to match your existing teeth and bite. If you grind your teeth, you might be advised to wear a night guard.

On average it will last 3-5 years. Your dental care as well as your bite will determine its longevity.

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